Accommodation as a relational concept


Workers with autism can benefit from supported employment services that help them find jobs. However, job retention remains a challenge. In this webinar, Valérie Martin will discuss how the relationship between the worker and his or her supervisor has been found to be critical to sustained employment and that job coaching services for autistic workers should foster mutual understanding between employee and supervisor to support this relationship. Drawing on her doctoral dissertation, Valérie Martin will discuss the contribution of leader-member exchange theory, the concept of organizational socialization and inclusive leadership to our understanding of workplace accommodation.


Valérie Martin is a professor in the Department of Organization and Human Resources at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM). Martin is an IDEA Seed Grant recipient and co-chairs the UQAM committee “Working towards equity and inclusion for people with disabilities”. An early career researcher, Martin’s Ph.D. research in psychoeducation, involved an evaluation of an employment support program for autistic persons. Her research highlighted the importance of supporting the relationship between a manager and their autistic employees as an essential component of inclusion.


Dan Samosh is an Assistant Professor in Employment Relation at Queen’s University and Academic Co-Lead of the IDEA Incubator Hub on Transitions to Work and Career Development.

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The IDEA Speaker Series provides an opportunity to hear guest speakers talk about their efforts to create stronger and more diverse labour markets that include persons with disabilities.

Valérie Martin