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Inclusive Design for Employment Access

Employers in Canada want to improve their capacity to recruit, hire and promote persons with disabilities, yet many lack the skills and confidence to do so. Inclusive Design for Employment Access (IDEA) aims to change this.

IDEA is a social innovation laboratory (SIL) that is strengthening the capacity of Canadian workplaces to fully include persons with disabilities.

A speaker in a boardroom with an ASL interpreter beside them


Our mission is to help create stronger and more diverse labour markets that include persons with disabilities by developing, evaluating and sharing evidence-informed knowledge-to-practice solutions.


Our vision is to see every workplace in Canada have the capacity to recruit, hire, onboard, retain, mentor and promote persons with disabilities across the full range of employment opportunities, and to see all persons with disabilities in Canada who can and want to work be able to find, keep and flourish in meaningful, suitable and good-quality work.


We value inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility in all areas of society, particularly in the labour market. We value strong and diverse labour markets where all persons have equal opportunities in careers, jobs and work.