Someone cutting "un" from a card saying "unable" to make it say "able"

Working together, identifying challenges and co-designing solutions

IDEA is a collaboration between researchers, disability community organizations, employers, unions, governments and other stakeholders. These partners are coming together through IDEA to identify challenges and co-design solutions to increase the capacity of employers for inclusive employment.

We are a social innovation lab

Social innovation labs (SILs) aim to solve a persistent social problem by bringing together diverse stakeholders—including those most affected by the problem—to identify, co-design, test and implement innovative, yet practical solutions and approaches. 

The SIL model recognizes that complex problems require flexibility, broad stakeholder involvement and a systems-based approach. It recognizes that effective solutions must consider the context, complexity and connectedness of systems, that no one stakeholder groups can solve the complex problems involved, and that those most affected by the problems hold the key to better solutions. 

At IDEA, the persistent social problem we address is the underemployment and other poor job outcomes of persons with disabilities in Canada. Our partners  include persons with disabilities, researchers, employers, employment support organizations,  unions, disability organizations and governments. 

IDEA’s researchers come from a wide variety of disciplines, from rehabilitation science to disability and social policy, from design and technology to economics and program evaluation. They work closely with the other partners to identify challenges and co-design solutions and evidence-informed resources that support inclusive workplaces. 

IDEA is carrying out this work through subject-matter hubs, supported by expertise-driven activity areas.